History - Heuriger Wolff the traditional viennese Heurige

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History of the Wolff family

The Wolff family has been spoiling its guests and friends with precious wines from own growing and with good traditional cookery. You should absolutely try the "Kleine Koestlichkeiten" (Little Delights) which are special sweets prepared according to old traditional family recipes of the confectioner master Gerhard Wolff.

The paternal ancestors come from a confectioner's family who had to leave their native country Sudentenland in 1945. In 1949 they settled in Neustift am Walde and bought a café and pastry shop in Rathstrasse 46. Some elder guests might remember Mr. Wolff doing all the Heuriger and offering his "Little delights" on a big plate. And still today the home-made pastries and "Little delights" are prepared according to these family recipes.

On the mother's side the family tree can be traced back to 1609. After the Second Osman Siege in 1683 the ancestors appear in the complete register of all houses and house owners. Twice they even held the position of a judge of Neustift am Walde (in 1752 and 1801).

The families lived on wine growing and livestock breeding. In the nearby town of Vienna they sold fruit and vegetables as well as the sort of wine "Gutedel" thriving especially well in the Neustift vineyards. Renting apartments in summer was an additional source of income.

In 1945 Gerhard and Irma Wolff bought the entire house in Rathstrasse 46, in 1974 also the house Rathstrasse 44. After several rebuildings and extensions the "Buschenschank" shows itself as a prestigious Viennese Heuriger. Very near to it - in Rathstrasse 50 - you can find the wine growing estate Wolff. Established in 1783 by Leopold and Maria Prunner the house was bought by the Hochreiter family in 1850 and has been owned by the Wolff family now since 1985.

After the sudden death of Gerhard Wolff in march of 1988 the family put all their strength to change the old building into a splendid family estate. In August of the same year then the "Weingut Wolff" was opened. Like in the Buschenschank the Weingut successfully could be given a very personal note.

Today it is the vintner Peter Wolff, who directs the family estates together with his sister Renate Wolff. They have graduated special education and with their experience they produce the excellent wine and run the business.

Young blood is growing up within the family: Peter Wolff's children Katharina and Elisabeth and Renate Wolff's children Iris Maria and Gerhard Elias.

Both "Buschenschank" and "Weingut" have direct access to the "Vineyard's Trail" in Mitterwurzergasse. The first rays of spring's sunshine or a sunny afternoon in autumn can be enjoyed on the sun terrace of the estate in the midst of the vineyards or in the courtyard of the Heuriger sheltered from the wind or in the magnificent garden terraces of the Buschenschank.

The roof covered courtyard with its arcades and a fountain form another attraction in Rathstrasse 50. It glass roof was constructed in 2001 and can be removed with fine weather. In case of bad weather two open firesides, fuelled with wood, warm up the site.

In the cellar the wine cask of oak wood, holding 10.540 liters, is a symbol for an extensive stock of wine and specially good quality of our own vineyards.

Both houses of the Wolff family offer rustic premises of various sizes where tiled stoves, fired with wood, and candle light spread a cosy atmosphere. A rich buffet with substantial delicacies, Viennese titbits and gorgeous sweets according to the family's own old recipes give you the right precondition for consuming Wolff's wines, grown in the family's own vineyards in Neustift, Sievering, Grinzing and Nussdorf .

It is a matter of heart to the Wolff family and their employees to make you give you the sense of well-being, to enjoy your time being here and to get energy again.

We are looking forward to your visit.

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